A set of coordinated activities

The EUPCL-platform will offer a set of coordinated activities in support of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Green Deal.

1. Summit for Climate & Peace

The EUPCL Summit for Climate & Peace will beld every two years. The first one will be hosted at the University of Luxembourg. Thanks to its central location at the heart of Europe and its long tradition of neutrality, peaceful cooperation and sustainability, Luxembourg is an excellent place for this event.

2. Inner Green Deal

A crucial part of the transition of the EU Green Deal is to win the hearts and minds of Europe’s 446 million inhabitants. This requires inspiring leadership at all levels of society. The Inner Green Deal is a program to develop such leadership. 

The Inner Green Deal addresses the inner human dimension of the change process. It supports leaders, social entrepreneurs and other change makers to reflect on our human nature and the interconnectedness of economic, social and environmental decisions, and the development of new habits and new partnership. 

The program offers both short and year-long journeys. Benefitting from the best coaches and facilitators in the field, participants explore inner and outer change. Along the way they form groups to tackle specific Green Deal challenges.

3. Climate Peace Prize

In partnership with the Schengen Peace Prize Foundation, EUPCL will select one outstanding individual or collective for its contribution to fighting climate change in a peaceful manner. We believe that building peace and planetary resilience are two sides of the same coin. Respect for planetary health and human well-being go hand in hand.

4. Action labs

We envision supporting the Green Deal by creating specific Compassionate Leadership Action Labs (CLALs). The members of CLALs will work on real policy issues in a community of leaders from youth and other stakeholders based on compassionate leadership. These CLALs will effectively mobilize the energy of the youth, the wisdom of the Nobel Laureates and the skills of compassionate leadership.

5. Public dialogues

In the run up of the summit we will host a number of online dialogue webinars with selected Noble Peace Prize Laureates, on topics such as: “Pandamics & Peace”, “From Green Deal to Green Doing”, and “Youth and Resilience”.

‘Don’t get tired of doing things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts’

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1984)

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