Our Co-hosts

PeaceJam Foundation

Founded in 1996, the PeaceJam Foundation is a global organization whose mission is to create the next generation of young leaders committed to changing the world with guidance from 14 Nobel Peace Laureates.


Youth for climate

Youth for Climate is a youth-led movement of climate strikes. We go on school strike to demand urgent political action on the climate crisis. We are part of the international climate strike movement, we are apartisan and decentralised.


Luxembourg Peace Prize

Each year, since 2012, the Schengen Peace Foundation and the World Peace Forum award the Luxembourg Peace Prize, an award that honors the outstanding in the field of peace.


The Transatlantic Dialogue

The Transatlantic Dialogue (TAD) conference series on global citizens, held in Luxembourg since 2008, explore the significance of culture / liberal education for fostering global citizenship from both US and European perspectives.


European Citizens Dialogue

The European Citizens Dialogue is a unique way for people of Europe to engage in dialogue with the European Commission to propose new laws. Once an initiative has reached 1 million signatures, the Commission will decide on what action to take.


‘The belief that peace is desirable is rarely enough to achieve it. Peace requires responsibility. Peace entails sacrifice.’

Barack Obama (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2009)

Implementation partners


Awaris wants to integrate research, personal practices and business skills – to bring about real change. Everyone has a potential to cultivate their authentic leadership – and in this way contribute to bringing about positive change to their organizations and societies.


Global Alliance in Management Education

The Global Alliance in Management Education or CEMS is a cooperation of leading business schools and universities with multinational companies and NGOs.


Flow Impact Fund

Flow Impact Fund enables the development of sustainable leadership and socially-relevant entrepreneurship for society, working especially with young leaders and change agents. The aim is to transform business into a force for good.


Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership helps to increase the happiness, wellbeing and success in organizations in the fields of cultural development, autonomy, social innovation, change management, and leadership.


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