EUPCL Webinars

We want to stimulate sustainable engagement for collective action by connecting the energy of the youth with the wisdom of visionary leaders who have demonstrated compassionate leadership.

In this webinar-series we will bring all stakeholders in Climate and Peace together, from youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, academia, business and political leaders, to inspire a movement for compassionate action.

1st online Event May 28, 2021 – 15:00h – 18:00h (CET)

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

In partnership with PeaceJam Foundation, contributions will be requested from a selected group of Noble Peace Prize Laureates.

‘Worrying about a problem
is not a strategy for change’

Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1997)


Next to this we will also seek the participation from
institutions which have been awarded with the
Nobel Peace Prize and exemplify the collective
dimension of compassionate leadership.

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