EUPCL Declaration

More than ever compassionate leadership is needed

EUPCL Declaration

At the beginning of November, many European governments made the decision to reinstate lockdowns or reinforce restrictions on social contacts among their population as a necessary response to the increased spreading of contagion due to COVID19.

While we agree with the motivation to contain the virus, we express our concern about social isolation resulting from these measures, and its hard impact on young generations, who see their professional projects at risk while their social life is also challenged and studying is made increasingly difficult.

We are worried about the tendency to retract on national territories in a time when a global pandemic calls for global action and renewed international cooperation.

Therefore we call for a revived global agenda taking into account the necessity to connect individuals in a safe way and emphasizes as an absolute necessity the need for empathy and compassionate skills, not only to cope with the current crisis, but to prepare and build a better future.

For this reason we are planning to hold the summit on Compassionate Leadership for Climate and Peace scheduled for May 25-28, 2021, in a digital format, so as to allow countless participants—and especially the younger generation—to interact with experts speakers (including recognized leaders such as the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates) and collectively explore how we can build a more sustainable and peaceful future.

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